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Pack Holiday Suggestions

Posted by Alpha Female on Tuesday, December 8, 2009, In : White Shadow Holidays 
I believe it is necessary that we continue to find ways to strengthen our bonds and loyalty to each other. Celebrations are a positive social outlet that forges a sense of communion and pride. A holiday would be a fun way to spend our time together and a sure way to have a source of lasting memories. What are your suggestions for White Shadow Holidays?

Thanks and much love,

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Summer Mist

Posted by Alpha Pair on Tuesday, December 1, 2009, In : Ally News 
White Shadow's very own pack mate, Rain, has moved on to form her very own pack that shall be known as the Summer Mist Wolf Pack and she is now the Alpha Female. We ask that you show your love and support to our sister pack and keep the bonds strong.

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Thirteen Suns

Posted by Alpha Female on Tuesday, December 1, 2009, In : Ally News 
-throws her head back and emits a long, beautifully mellow howl from her throat, her long white tail swaying moderately. she would slowly lower her head at the conclusion of the howl-

We, the White Shadow Wolf Pack, have now forged an alliance with the Thirteen Suns Wolf Pack. They match the mellow side of our pack style, a sure fire guarantee that things will run smoothly between both packs. Please make them feel welcomed whenever they visit our lands and treat them kindly. This is a pack, th...
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