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Behavior and Communication Pt. 2

Posted by Gabrielle Walker on Sunday, November 29, 2009, In : How to be a Wolf 


Body Postures

Wolves communicate not only by sound (such as yipping, growling, and howling), but also by body language. This ranges from subtle signals-such as a slight shift in weight-to the obvious, like rolling on the back as a sign of submission.

Here are some other examples of Body postures:

Dominance - A dominant wolf stands stiff legged and tall. The ears are erect and forward, and the hackles bristle slightly. Often the tail is held vertical and curled t...

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Relationships With Other Animals

Posted by Gabrielle Walker on Sunday, November 29, 2009, In : How to be a Wolf 

Animals the wolf may come in contact with are:

Coyotes - They will avoid wolves most times. but when encounters occur they are aggressive.

Grizzly bears - Are known to eat wolf pups, wolves will chase away bears from the den area.

Cougars - Although rare in nature, the cougar being a lone hunter is at a disadvantage in a fight with a wolf pack.

Foxes - Foxes have been observed stealing from wolf kills, wolves have been know to steal fox dens, wolves have been known to kill foxes, though i...

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Behavior and Communication Pt. 1

Posted by Alpha Female on Friday, November 20, 2009, In : How to be a Wolf 

    Communicating by Gesture

  1. Wolves use body language to demonstrate their dominance or submission, emotions and state of mind. To show dominance, an alpha male, or sometimes an alpha female, will stand taller than the other wolves and carry their tails higher than other members of the pack. They will look directly into the other animal's eyes. A submissive wolf will maintain a lower body profile, may paw at the ground, urinate in crouching position, or in a total passive move, roll onto t...

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