As old members know, the wolf pack has been inactive for some time now, but I plan on changing that and I hope everyone will be patient and cooperative during the necessary transitions.

Newest Members
  • Create a mini bio that describes your wolf age, personality, known family, likes/dislikes, appearance, and perhaps how you know the alpha female (Miki) or how you came to join the pack, and post it in the COMMENT section BELOW of your profiles so that I may copy it and add it to the site.
  • Find a real wolf picture and use it as your main picture on your profile so that I may save it and post it to the website.
  • Include your pack name (White Shadow Wolf Pack) and rank in your ABOUT ME.
  • Be sure not to give out the password
  • Be sure to socialize with the pack as much as possible, as it plays a heavy role in rank and acceptance.

  • Let me know if you have a friend that you think would make a great addition to the pack
  • Let me know about your relationships and family before bringing them
  • Let me know if your bio needs adjustments or updates
  • Please help me get in touch with old members if you know them

Thanks in Advance for your cooperation,