I am an Alpha that does not care about numbers. I would much rather have a pack of 3 good rping, active, competent wolves than a pack of 20 wild, disrespectful, post anything type wolves.

In saying that, I will not apologize or retract and revise the "oh so strict" rules that I have in place here. I will also not allow anyone into the pack simply because they ask to join. I enjoy the peaceful life we are currently living. If certain criteria that I ask for is not met, if you are already in the pack, you will be demoted then banished. If you are a probate going through Assessment, you will no longer be allowed to congregate with us. Both probates and pack members are allowed one extra chance to join the pack, but both will have to re-enter as probates.

I am not saying we cannot have fun. I believe we do. But unnecessary arguments, fights, or breaking of the rules will not be tolerated under any circumstances NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!!!

So once again, please be patient with me and try to get any information I ask for in on time and respect the rules that are set in place. This currently the only way that I know will work effectively in sustaining the peaceful, family-centered lifestyle we have grown used to.

Thanks in Advance,