-throws her head back and emits a long, beautifully mellow howl from her throat, her long white tail swaying moderately. she would slowly lower her head at the conclusion of the howl-

We, the White Shadow Wolf Pack, have now forged an alliance with the Thirteen Suns Wolf Pack. They match the mellow side of our pack style, a sure fire guarantee that things will run smoothly between both packs. Please make them feel welcomed whenever they visit our lands and treat them kindly. This is a pack, though small in number, seems big at heart. Their Daikkel [male leader], Chinook, has given us permission to visit their land at any time. I ask that should you choose to do so that you show him the same respect that you show Mazin and me and adhere to all of their pack laws.


Excited for the alliance,

++Pack Members+++
Daikkel: Chinook

Beta Male:
Beta Female:

Delta Male:
Delta Female:

Kappa Male:
Kappa Female:

Sigma: Kiba
Sigma: Viona
Sigma: SwiftHeart
Sigma: Axis
Sigma: Dusky
Sigma: Moonrise

Omega #1:



Loner: Shayala