White Shadow Wolf Pack

Steps to Take to Join Our Ranks 

1. Read and understand the necessary information as specified in the Welcome.

2. Visit http://chatango.com

3. Create an account by providing an email address, creating a username (a.k.a. screen name), and creating a password.

4. On the right hand side of you chat screen, there will be a tab the reads "Friends." In that tab, type the username of either an Alpha or Beta (provided on White Shadow Family tab in red) and send a message saying "I wish to be a probate for the White Shadow Wolf Pack and go through the necessary assessment." (Pups do not go through Assessment. They are either adopted or they are not.)

5. Begin visiting often so that we can get to know you and you can get to know us and how to implement the pack rules.

Current members will have a meeting to determine whether or not you are worthy of running with the pack. Should the odds be in your favor, you will have officially become a member of the White Shadow Wolf Pack.

Hope you choose to join our family!! ^-^

If you decide to become an Assessment, Remember that it will be your responsibility to know the rules of the pack and show respect for all pack members. The pack is a very close family group. We look out for and protect one another and the clearing. Not every Assessment will make it into the pack. Assessment time can last anywhere from a few weeks to a month. We want you to be sure this is the right pack for you and you are right for the pack before you join us. If you need anymore information on Assessments, Contact an Alpha or Beta.

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